Subic Overnight

The coastline of Zambales is rich with pristine beaches and coves. Anawangin, Nagsasa, Silanguin to name a few. They are a camper’s paradise. But if assembling a tent and cooking food on butane gas grill are not your thing, then Subic is a great road trip destination. Taking more or less 4 hours drive from Manila.

A number of small and large resorts outline the shores of Subic bay. Offering a wide array of water activities – jetski, flyboarding, parasailing, banana boat ride, yacht cruise and so on.


We stayed in a one-bedroom suite at iCove Beach Hotel. For just over P5,000, we got a room about 50 square meters big with two double beds and a long couch. Good enough for 5 people.

The hotel is not as big as Camayan or White Rock beach resorts. It was ideal for me. As I prefer quiet and a little private.


We were given a sea view room on the second floor. It had a large balcony. Nothing better to do than gaze upon a gorgeous horizon of sea and mountains.

iCove Infinity Pool

The road trip to Subic will not be complete without checking out the duty free shops. On the way home we stopped at Royal Subic. Although I must say most of the things here are already available in Manila. Also not much of a price difference unless paying by US dollar.

TIP: Be cautious when driving at the Freeport Zone. Some traffic rules differ from anywhere else in the Philippines. Make a full stop at intersections and give way to vehicles who approached first. More information from


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