Lian Summer Weekend

Lian is home to the white sand beach of Matabungkay. Located in the west coast of Batangas, the municipality is roughly 3 hours by car from Manila via Tagaytay.

According to Wikipedia Matabungkay Beach was popular in the early 1950s as a great weekend or day trip destination. In the 60s more people from Manila have built cottages and houses along the beach line.

Matabungkay Beach Hotel

I used Google Maps to search all the hotels and resorts along the stretch of Matabungkay coast. After a painstaking research I found at last the place that can accommodate my family group of 12 – Matabungkay Beach Hotel.


I booked a 2-bedroom unit for our overnight stay. One room had king and queen beds, the other had two twin beds. The place was really big. It had separate living and dining rooms and an enclosed veranda.

As it was in the middle of summer the weather outside was at its peak. The tide was low and swimming was not advisable. Instead we spent the afternoon picking up starfish and watching the sunset.


By night fall we soaked ourselves in the huge pool. Hoping our bodies get cooled down from the raging heat but the water was rather warm.

The next day we rented a boat just outside the resort for P500 and sailed away for three hours of snorkeling.

Among other activities there are floating rafts available for rent where you can have freshly grilled seafood lunch.

Here is a short video of our trip created by my wife’s nephew.

TIP: Along Matabungkay Road some barangay officials randomly charge entrance fee of P10 per person.


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