A Day Trip To Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a very popular road trip destination in Luzon, Philippines. Just about 2 hours drive from Manila, its cool breeze together with the breathtaking view of Taal volcano make it a perfect holiday or weekend getaway spot.

However with the ever-growing number of travelers, most well-known establishments along the ridges are usually crowded. Traffic jams are unbearable on weekends stretching from any directions peaking along the Rotonda area.

Memory Lane
To avoid the crowd and traffic we decided to try Memory Lane on a weekday. Hidden amidst residential area away from the hillside there was no overlooking view of the lake. But the place is perfect for its countryside feel. Quiet. Cozy. Relaxing. Not a typical restaurant ambiance but rather a beautiful country home in and out.

Memory Lane Ext.jpg
Memory Lane Facade

Showcased inside is a collection of memorabilia. At every corner you’ll find toys, souvenirs, some decade-old post ads, a mini-jukebox, an antique camera and more.


Memory Lane Int 2.jpg

Memory Lane Int 1

The menu has a limited selection. We gave their Mom’s Tender Juicy Babyback Ribs and Sinigang na Bangus Belly (milkfish belly in sour soup) a try. The ribs costed P530 and the bangus belly P495. Both servings are big enough to share for our group of 5.

As the name suggests the ribs was really tender and juicy and savoury! The sinigang was deliciously sour. Perfect with plain white rice and a cold glass of water with a slice of lemon.

Memory Lane ribs.jpg
Mom’s Tender Juicy Babyback Ribs

TIP: If you are coming from the north through Emilio Aguinaldo Highway on a heavy traffic day there is an alternative route in Barangay Maitim. Turn right to TCI Road and follow the signs leading to Tagaytay Proper. Memory Lane will be on the right side upon reaching Magallanes Drive.

Bag of Beans
After a sumptuous lunch at Memory Lane we headed further west to Bag of Beans’ biggest branch at Mendez Crossing.


It was a long walk before reaching the main cafe from the parking. Passing by alfresco living rooms fitted with antique furniture, reminiscing Spanish influence in the land.





I ordered a cup of barako coffee. Refillable for less than P200. Barako coffee is a must try in Tagaytay. It is locally grown in the provinces of Batangas and Cavite. I prefer this type of Coffea Liberica than the more popular Arabica and Robusta used by major western chains. It is sweet but bold and has a mild acidity.

For dessert we had Blueberry Pancakes (P260) and Apple Pie Ala Mode (P175). Deliciously homemade!



As the sun set the temperature outside started to drop. We were kept warm by the dim and sparkling lights of this lovely place.






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